Sally Draper

Sally Draper is the oldest child of Don Draper and his ex-wife Betty Francis, and the sister to Bobby and Gene. While her parents are still married, Sally often plays at being grown-up, dressing up like her mother and making cocktails for the adults at Betty and Don's parties.

Sally develops a special relationship with Betty's father, Gene Hofstadt, who lives with the Drapers the last few months before he dies. Gene tells Sally that she's more like her grandmother -- who did drafting work in the 1920s -- than Betty. "You can really do something," he says. "Don't let your mother tell you otherwise."

Sally's relationship with Betty deteriorates after Grandpa Gene dies. Sally acts out at school and refuses to bond with her new brother.

Sally's feelings for her father, whose pet name for her is "Salamander," run deep. She accepts baby Gene after Don comforts her and explains the child's place in their lives. When Don moves out of the family home for good, Sally takes the news hard and sneaks into Manhattan to see him.

After additional incidents, Betty takes her to see Dr. Edna, a child psychiatrist. By this time Sally has reconnected with neighborhood friend Glen Bishop, who advises her to pretend to conform.

Sally and Glen meet secretly to talk until Betty catches them together. Declaring their Ossining neighborhood in decline, Betty announces that the family is moving. Sally runs upstairs and cries on her bed, holding a gift from Glen.
Sally advanced into her teenage years with the addition of a new female influence in her life, her step-grandmother Pauline Francis. In the wake of the Richard Speck student nurse murders in Chicago, Sally spent a harrowing night with Pauline, being terrified and titillated by Pauline’s gruesome obsession with the grizzly events -- and eventually drugged to sleep by her. Sally continued to buck authority, pushing against Don’s versions of the truth about his past life while becoming closer with young stepmother, Megan. A clandestine meeting with Glen Bishop ended with Sally getting her period and fleeing home to Betty.

Credit: Mad Men Official Website